Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finding Joy

This motherhood thing is quite the journey. I am thankful everyday for the gift of my 2 boys. They are the most handsome little men I know. Jake is 4 years old going on 12. His brain seriously works faster than mine. He talks non-stop and asks question after question. His energy is ceaseless and his creativity awe-inspiring. What a treasure he is! Judson is 20 months and trying every last nerve that I have. He can go from super-sweet to tantrum-throwing in a matter of seconds. He's learning to say words and it's so fun to hear him make new sounds. Yet, the shrieking when he doesn't get his way or just wants to be held is unnerving. His smile and curls can melt your heart.

My husband loves to listen to Brian Reagan. Over the holidays we fell asleep laughing to his hilarious jokes. One of them was about his little boy. He joked that we as parents get caught up in the frustration of the moment and miss the joy in our little one's heart. Like when they spill a glass of milk (as is completely normal in ALL children), my mind jumps to the inconvenience of cleaning it up and steals the joy from a moment that could be funny and inconsequential.

So, the Bradford motto for 2011 is (drum roll, please)........."The joy in my little boys' hearts!" I commit to try and find the joy in all situations with my sweet and crazy boys. They are little people learning to live in a big world and I must guide them through it with joy and laughter, not yelling and scowls. They find joy in so many things, each and every day. Why shouldn't I? My track record with 'not yelling' is not so good. It's an easy fall-back when the moment gets heated, but I will continue my effort to be a laid-back, loving-at-all-costs, take-a-deep-breath, remember-their-smile kind of mom.